I’m Back


I’ve had this blog for just over two years now and It’s been so wonderful to have my own little corner of the internet to blab on about whatever it is that I’m wearing or show you wherever it is that I’ve been. I loved it, until suddenly I didn’t.

I don’t know why exactly I fell out of love with blogging. I think I felt like I hit a wall creatively, like I wasn’t doing anything different to stand out. It’s currently Fashion Week in Sydney and so here I am, standing around all these impeccably dressed, interesting people and suddenly it’s back. The excitement and love for this atmosphere, and the reason why I started doing this in the first place.

I’m here to say sorry not only to those lovely people who told me they missed my posts, but also to myself for momentarily giving up. For some reason I shy’d away and stopped believing that I had the ability to do something different with my little space.

So I’m back. And I’m going to do it right this time.

Kate x

Photo by Miles Kalus of www.keishikibi.com

Big Balloons


After a very long flight and less than three hours sleep, I dragged myself out of my warm bed and into the freezing night.

I had heard about a place called Cappadocia in the middle of Turkey where before the day even begins, hundreds of colourful balloons float in the sky to give people the chance to see one of the most unique sunrises in the world.

Have a little look at what was one of the most special experiences of my life.


With love,

Kate x

Melbourne City Break

October in Sydney is coming to an end and you know what that means, four months of 30 degree summer days to look forward to!

I personally love the summer and wish it was warm all year round, but this year I wasn’t quite ready to end my love affair with jeans, coats, jackets and layers. I decided it was time for a little city break holiday to revisit and farewell winter, and where better to fly off to than Melbourne!

Melbourne is a busy little city full of cute cafes, boutique shopping and rooftop bars,
all of which happen to be three of my favourite things.

I will share some of my Melbourne adventures with you over the next week.
Until then, you can follow my Instagram to see what I got up to: kateskelly

With love,
Kate xx


Bonjour mon amour!

A few months ago whilst travelling, I stopped in France for a week. This was my first trip to Paris and I could never have predicted how much I would fall in love with this city. The time I spent here flew past all too quickly and I honestly think I could spend the rest of my life wandering stoned streets, dining in cafes and staring shamelessly at gorgeous French men.

Some of my favourite memories:

– Shopping along the Champs-Élysées
– Standing at the summit of the Eiffel Tower at midnight just as the lights began
– Attempting to be just the right amount of tipsy and lost in order to reenact ‘Midnight In Paris.’
– French bread, cheese, baguettes and nutella crepes
– Trying snails for the first time and pretending to love them for the waiter
– Exploring Montmartre and discovering the cafe from the film ‘Amelie’
– Locking away some love on the Pont des Arts
– Visiting Versailles and wandering the immaculate gardens

Here are some of the beautiful things I saw whilst in the city of love.

par39 par40   par18 par20   par9par101 par102

As you can see it was so easy to fall in love with a city like Paris, and now I plan to live there for a few months in 2014. For this reason I am learning to speak French!
After Paris I caught the train over to London where I also spent a week exploring. I will post some of my London adventures later this week.

Avec amour, Kate xx


My friend Annabelle and I tested my gorgeous, British cousins knowledge of Australian Slang.
Turns out I don’t know as much Aussie slang as I thought!
These are the words we tested her on:

Ankle biter
Cark it
True blue
Woop woop
Spit the dummy

Have a look how it went!

With love
Kate xx

Summer in Winter

Although I am so excited to move over to London, there are some things about Australia that I will miss endlessly. It’s pretty rare that in the middle of winter you can lay around in the sun at the beach or just wear a dress, but Australia allows for that. The other day I went for a walk and ended up hurrying home to get my camera after seeing the sunset and a strangers garden. Have a look below.

I am going to miss days like this.

Kate xx